Fictional project Cotardo is a insurance company specialized in travel insurance. They want to boost their business and are developing an app that can help people find the right insurance and provide help when it comes to an emergency abroad. For this project I concentrated on two user stories: A customer is planning a trip and wants to make sure the insurance is optimal. A customer is traveling in vietnam and needs assistance because of a medical issue. I also made some assumptions for both user stories: Both are existing customers Existing customers have an account with the company than can be used for login Network coverage or wifi is available Being an enthusiastic traveller myself, I was able to mostly draw from experiences I had and the help or assistance I would have loved to have before travelling or when being abroad.     Story 1 To find the right insurance for a trip the app features an assistant that asks two big questions: Where do you want to go and when? If the exact time is not set, one can choose¬†a timeframe instead. With these two questions answered the app shows insurance suggestions and highlights the biggest features. […]
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Deutsches Historisches Museum

For the German Historic Museum I worked on the multimedia stations  and the welcoming screens, as well as a responsive e-Mail newsletter sent out every other week. The multimedia stations display information as part of the current exhibitions. Visitors can interactivly explore timelines and browse multimedia content telling i.e. the stories of contemporary witnesses. The welcoming screens and newsletter were redesigned as a part of a CMS change. The new layout allows for more flexibility concerning content integration and is easier to handle for the museum personel.
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