I worked as freelance designer for the INAC GmbH. The company mainly helps students with the organization of study abroad semesters and internships, but also offers other services, such as stop over trips to Singapore to initiate internships and tutoring seminars for engineering students.

I was responsible for a complete re-branding including the implementation of the fresh brand guidelines into a variety of print and marketing material as well as the online presence.

The new mark illustrates the essence of the companies business: Move students forward (in life) by helping them with above mentioned steps. The whole logo forms an arrow to the right and the negative space between word mark and signet forms another one. The arrow is constructed by three overlapping squares, which symbolize the three main areas of service of the company – study abroad, internship abroad and tutoring. Printed materials use a grid based on squares instead rows and columns.

I kept the original colors as they were already present in the office decor, but readjusted the balance to brighter tones which give a more modern and vibrant feel to the brand. The three colors now also symbolize the three main areas of work. Study abroad, Singapore Stopover and Engineering Academy.