• Min Doktor is a med tech service in Malmö, Sweden where patients can get medical help by answering a questionnaire and chatting with a professional.
  • Conversational UI that focused on a seamless experience from logging in to chatting with medical professionals.
  • The conversational UI is perfect for the core service’s linear experience.



Min Doktor is a med tech service based in Malmö, Sweden. Patients can quickly access medical help and treatment by choosing a questionnaire about their problem, followed by a chat with a medical professional. During the chat, patients can clarify information and receive additional instructions.

During my time at Min Doktor, I designed a conversational UI as a visual and interaction exercise. The goal was to create a seamless experience from logging in and signing up, to answering the questionnaire and chatting with the medical professional, using the same UI paradigm.

In this concept, I focused on the onboarding process, including a few tutorial screens to help users understand the different areas of the app and their purposes. I am confident that this concept can be applied to all aspects of the core service (login, questionnaire, chat), as a conversational UI is well-suited for this linear experience.